OpenGL Demo

GitHUB Link
A code example of a functioning project showing n cubes set in circle.
It's made in C++ using OpenGL, glu, glfw e glm libraries.


GitHUB Link (Unity3D)
You can try it online
The idea was to play a NetRunner in Cyberspace (Cyberpunk anyone?).
The game didn't go far but I'm pretty proud of this work.
I wrote the shader and I created a script to generate a huge random heightmap, consistent in its peak and valleys to simulate a landscape, and, starting from this, I calculated via script the BeziƩr curves to create from scratch little cylinders to obtain the wires of the Cyberspace.
Everything was procedurally generated. The wires went just as far as you could see and a new portion of the cyberspace was created by going on (using the initial heightmap).