Shockrods (Stainless Games)

My second published game with Stainless Games. Made with Unreal.
On this project I worked mainly on Computer Graphics, optimisations and gameplay.
This website presents the game:

Carmaggeddon Crashers (Stainless Games)

My first proper game! I worked on it at Stainless Games.

A mobile spin-off from Carmaggeddon, inspired by drag-racing games. We made it with Unity, I worked on a little bit of everything on this project. Mainly UI and networking.

Brawl UP!

It's a little game with pixel art graphics where you play as a knight fighting orcs to reach a door above the arena using the deads' heads as a ladder. Every enemy gives you experience points to become stronger in a classic RPG way. The game features 42 waves of increasing difficulty, three statistics to increment and 7 different enemy types. The game is simple, minimalistic and addicting.


A 3D boat for a yacht broker. Future development would have added foam, sky, technical data.

Light Flowers

It's a puzzle game where you have some colored flowers on different levels and you need to light them up with different colored lights.
The game is pretty simple until you need to sum different colors to obtain a new one or use mirrors and focus lens to play with it and ensure light to every flower.
The game has 50 levels with increasing difficulty.

I worked on both code and idea alone. I didn't work on the art (I created the music from two pre-existing tracks though).

A Spooky Christmas

The game was an improvement of Void Jumper. Near Christmas we took some graphics from the Unity Asset Store and used them to make a free runner game.
You had power ups, unlockable characters and mockery at the moment of your death (^^).
I made the game design and the programming.
My colleagues came out with the jokingly bad phrases when you die (one of the best parts of this very simple game).

Void Jumper

My first game (and also my first published game).
It's as simple as it gets, you play a ball and jump obstacles. I'm kinda proud of the gameplay, I play it sometimes and some of my friends played it more than I expected.
It's awful to see though. The art is taken from free game art websites. I made the ball. I made the game design and the code too.