Kimeo: a cloud space management software

Made using LAMP + Three.js. It's a software to manage spaces with pricing, statistics and such of one or more supermarkets.
You can create virtual shelves with products to evaluate the disposition inside a supermarket, choose what products display and how, see the statistics about it and output pdfs to give to the client to use.
demo username: admin
password: admin

WebGL Visualizer

A pure WebGL visualizer. You can upload .off (and .noff, .coff and such) or a University of Genoa format (.mp) and the mesh will be parsed (vertices, faces, colors, uvs and normals) and visualized. You can also select a mesh from the list of meshes already on the server.
You can zoom, rotate, see the normals per face and per vertex, see in wireframe and vertices mode, change the color of the global illumination and a single light. You can visualize a texture or upload one.


Made using JAVA for the client part and LAMP for the server part, Omnipos is a managerial software for restaurants, bars and self services.
It manages products, clients, prints bills via JavaPOS and EscPOS, replicate data online in real time and make statistics real time.

CMS Report

Made in JAVA CMS Report is a software that visualizes data (and create a PDF report) read from an high-velocity aluminium reader.
The machine reads kilometers of aluminium searching for holes and classifing the patches regardin the size of the hole (in nanometers) to decide the aluminium's commercial destination.