RustHeart (GlowMade)

This is the game I am working on professionally at the moment (2020); it's an Indie Action RPG being developed for PC.
It's being written with a proprietary engine in C++, giving us full control on every aspect. We use Granny as an animation library and Bullet for Physics.
I am being working for a few months on this project as a Gameplay Programmer, implementing mainly Inventory systems, Crafting systems and Procedurally Generated maps.

Covered By NDA :(

Finished but not yet published Card Game (Stainless Games)

This game was developed for almost a year in Unity3D.
I worked mainly on the following alone: UI, Memory Management, Optimisation.
I have also helped other programmers with VFX Animation and Gameplay.

The game was developed for Android and Apple devices.

Covered By NDA :(

Cancelled 4x Strategy Game (Stainless Games)

This game was developed in Unreal Engine and we worked on it for about a year.
The game included a simple 3d editor that would go hand-in-hand with a tech tree letting you modify an element based on your progress, on top of the classic mechanics of a 4x strategy game.
For this I single-handedly developed the ingame 3d editor, looking under the hood of the Unreal Engine rendering pipeline. I worked closely with a Senior Artist to author and deploy meshes that would be modifiable by the player in an easy and fun way, such as changing the geometry, creating holes or adding permanent attachments.

The game was being developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


The game is a 2-player game. One is above and see a little 3d map of a labyrinth, the other one is inside the labyrinth and needs to exit.
The above-player can interact with the map and change the labyrinth real-time, helping and guiding the inside-player to the goal.
This little game is pretty advanced; the multiplayer is working in LAN, you can play and share the same labyrinth and the changes affect real time the other player.
The maze is procedurally generated.


This game is a diablo-like game. For the graphics I used web free art, I implemented and designed everything else.
I implemented a lot in this one:

  • parry and fight system
  • leveling system
  • inventory system
  • loot system
  • dialogue system
  • 8 different enemy types

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GitHUB Link (Unity3D)
You can try it online
The idea was to play a NetRunner in Cyberspace (Cyberpunk anyone?).
The game didn't go far but I'm pretty proud of this work.
I wrote the shader and I created a script to generate a huge random heightmap, consistent in its peak and valleys to simulate a landscape, and, starting from this, I calculated via script the BeziƩr curves to create from scratch little cylinders to obtain the wires of the Cyberspace.
Everything was procedurally generated. The wires went just as far as you could see and a new portion of the cyberspace was created by going on (using the initial heightmap).

Germ Wars

This game was pretty strange. You had a population of germs that had an epic old war to keep on.
The germs had randomly generated statistics.
The cool idea was that you had one fight each turn and every turn your germs would reproduce and die.
The new germs would follow a genetic algorithm and your new generation would be stronger or weaker depending on your skill and a little randomness.
Every battle had rewards and by using these you had control over the reproduction.

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White Knight

A turn based RPG designed and coded by me.
I implemented the A* Algorithm and an inventory system. I made a lot of tests on paper and I had the statistics pretty right.
I made a levelling system too and a lot of stuff for D&D enthusiasts.
I got stuck on the writing of the story.

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Death of the Gods

This game was a shoot'em up with a horror twist. The earth is destroyed by evil Lovecraftian gods and the last thing you are left with is revenge.
The game featured a dialogue-driven story between the crew of your ship while you were going to the centre of the universe to kill Azathoth.

Death of the Gods - Strategic version

The same as the one above but I had the idea of doing it strategically, using physics to advance with the minimum loss of fuel.
This version was just a draft, less than a prototype.

Guess Color

This game was pretty strange too, vaguely similar to rock-scissor-paper.
It was a multiplayer game where both you and your adversary had a cube.
You saw half of the adversary's cube. You could not choose a color twice.
At your turn you decided a color with a score and your adversary tried to guess what color you had chosen.
If your adversary guessed he took the points, if not you took the points.
The one with more points at the end won.
It was pretty funny played with someone whom you know well, talking and bluffing.

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This game was a survival horror where you played a little girl left alone with her big brother.
A monster made of smoke comes at night and you need to find your brother.
Your only power is that when you cover your eyes you couldn't see but neither could you be seen by the monster.
The game was pretty small but it had a good plotwist at the end.


Mobile game, one of the closest to completion in this list.
The idea was a game about Far West duels. You had 3 - 2 - 1 fight and then a duel of 5-15 seconds to win or lose.
I had good artistic support on this from two friends and we had these hand drawn cartoon enemies, one stranger than the other.
You had to tap on the hit points of the enemy to defeat him, gain experience points to spend in better weapons (faster etc.).

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This wasn't a game.
It was a VR project for rollercoasters. Our client would go to the rollercoaster with an Android app to acquire information like accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.
With all these data I re-built the rollercoaster inside Unity calculating its shape.
The idea was to then put an environment around it and show it inside a VR while you were going on the same rollercoaster for real.

Stick Fight

Here I did the art too. I animated the stick man (and designed and programmed everything of course).
It was a local multiplayer game to fight a friend. I made a minimap here for the first time.
I made a single player version too with four type of enemies (ranged, stupid, aggressive and kamikaze).

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The Thing In The Basement

Another strange game again.
This was about you finding a Lovecraftian monster in your basement, apparently harmless.
Then you went upstairs and started searching what this monster was, what it wanted, if you had to kill him and how.
This was a game of logic. Different books gave different truths but you knew what percentage of every page was true.
Then you could go to the basement and experiment on the creature to know what was true and what not.
Every read page was a night and you only had a certain number of pages before the creature became strong enough to talk or to kill you.

A Traveller's Journey

A rythm game about a traveller travelling.
The game changed drastically both visually then with mechanics with a spatial input and not one given by memory and colors (similar to guitar hero).

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God Will Save Us

This is a little more than a prototype and for once I didn't work alone. This game wasn't my idea.
The idea was a top-down game where in the center there are survivors of a zombie apocalypse.
Zombies start coming and you are God, and with your mighty fingers you can pop the zombies out saving the survivors.
Special zombies and reinforcements come later with the game if you make them survive long enough.

Tree Guardian

A strategic game for mobiles.
You were a Tree Guardian and you had four weapons (wood ball, spider, butterfly and branch) to stop parasites from eating the tree.
The game was very ugly to see (I had no art support) but it had some good ideas, like your spider eating your butterfly if you had the bad idea of putting them too near.